Social Responsibility Asia
Social Responsibility Asia
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Foundation Year: 2012 Industry: Accounting/Finance Team size: 50+

SR Asia is a professional network of SR professionals based out of Asia, creating bench marks and new standards in the field of SR. SR Asia is to provide and share SR solutions for shaping the modern day business and political agenda on sustainability and competitiveness. SR Asia is committed to drive the Asian countries through its Scientific Research, subject Competence and Policy level interventions with government and involvement of each and every stake holders to create a sustainable Asia. SR Asia has launched a Asian Road map for a sustainable and competitive enterprise. The road map will serves as a set of goals and strategies to integrate social responsibility in daily life/ business practices. The Asian Road map for Businesses includes key points on: integrating SR across business functions, respect for human rights, developing employees, preserving the environment, engaging with stakeholders etc and refers all core subjects of ISO 26000 and in harmony with UN Global Impact, International treaty, regional treaties and issues



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